You have discovered an unusual, adrenaline and after all safe sport and fun for everyone! Come and try the feeling of freefall securely at a wind tunnel, at a comfortable height and constant supervision of professional instructors.

1. What is a wind tunnel?

The wind tunnel is an indoor skydiving simulator that generates continuous air flow with a speed up to 280km/h and thus lets you experience the sensation of a flight using only your body.

2. How does it work?

Hurricane Factory Berlin is a recirculating vertical wind tunnel. Six large fans provide laminar air flow which will lift you up and allow you to fly.

3. Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes. You can do that either on our websites or at the reception.

4. Who cannot fly?

Those who cannot fly are children younger than 5 years, pregnant women, and those who are not healthy – mainly those who suffer any acute spine and joint injury (in particular shoulder injury), moreover those who suffer from any ailments, such as heart attack, nerve illness and likewise. Those who are under the influence of alcohol and other addictive and psychotropic substances are not allowed to fly either.

5. Do minors (under 18 years) need any authorization?

Yes. Persons under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult and have an authorization signed by their guardian or legal representant. The accompanying adult will be responsible for the authenticity of the authorization and the signature.

6. What do I need to bring with me for flying?

You’ll need lace-up trainers, comfortable clothes under the overall and especially a good mood.

7. Will I be alone in the flight chamber?

No. An experienced instructor will be with you in the flight chamber during the entire flight. This way he can help you with a correct body position as well the movements of the legs and arms.

8. Can the flight be interrupted?

Anytime! Your instructor can signal the operator for immediate interruption of the flight or for speed reduction.

9. How high can I fly in the wind tunnel?

The skydiving simulator Hurricane Factory Berlin is 5,2 m wide and 15 m high. After the acquisition of certain skills you can fly all the way to the height of the 12 m.

10. How can I control the height when flying?

Our instructors will show you basic moves how to control the flight yourself. Soon you will learn how to change the height of your flight with your body movement.

11. Doe the air flowing in the simulator always have the same speed?

Air speed depends on the weight of the flyer and their body position. The average speed in the wind tunnel is around 180km/h. An operator controls the speed of air flowing depending on the flyer in the flight chamber. Air speed is lower for flyers with less weight and higher for those who are heavier. And it is lower for flying in the basic position (belly) and higher for positions as backfly, sitfly and headdown. Professional flyers work in speeds up to 280km/h.

12. How do I get into the air flow?

All flyers can get to the air flow through the door on bottom of the flight chamber and simply lean on to the air current. Our instructor will help you with entering the chamber. You will feel how the air flow sustains your body and you will be flying.

13. Can I freely breath in such a strong air current?

In general, people do not have problems with breathing in strong air current. However, in (very unlikely) case of breathing problems, it can be solved with the use of a fullface helmet.

14. Do I need any special equipment?

We provide all the necessary equipment – the flightsuit, helmet and googles. The temperature of the air in flight chamber is not dependant on the outdoor temperature. For that reason no special clothes is required under the flightsuit. Any clothes not limiting your movements are suitable.

15. is it possible to get a video from my flight?

Of course! There is a video system integrated in the wind tunnel. Every flight is recorded and saved for a maximum period of seven days. You can buy a USB with the record of your flying at the reception.

16. Can I take my own camera to the wind tunnel?

Yes, but not into the flight chamber. Your companions can take the footage of you flying through the glass of the flight chamber.

17. What happens if my shoes, watch, ring or car keys fly away?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t bring anything else into the tunnel than your required equipment (suit, helmet, goggles and shoes). Flying objects would stay in the airflow and might hit you at high speed. Or worse, the objects could damage the ventilators or the tunnel. Therefore: only bring your flying equipment into the flight chamber.

18. What is the difference between skydiving and flying in the wind tunnel?

The main difference is that you’re not actually falling toward the ground, but really floating. Also, you do not need to be strapped to the instructor and let him control all the movements. In the tunnel, the instructor guides you, helps you and makes sure everything is safe, but once you are able to fly on your own, you are let to do so.

19. How long can I fly in the tunnel?

The flight in the tunnel requires considerable efforts. The whole body works and it means that the muscles get tired. Even two minutes of the flight are an unforgettable experience. For beginning we recommend packages of 3 – 6 minutes. In case of people without any training it is not reasonable to extend the whole time of flight to more than 20 minutes a day. The professional flyers often fly more than one hour a day.

20. How long is an individual flight?

The time of flying is usually divided to 1,5 – minute entries. However it can be shorter or longer, depending on the physical condition of the flyer and the type of the training.

21. Is it possible to fly in the tunnel with more than one person at a time?

Experienced flyers can fly together in groups of up to eight people. Beginners usually fly alone with their instructors until they learn how to control their movements in the air flow.

22. What if I lose control?

Even experienced flyers are never alone in the tunnel. Our instructores are always either in the flight chamber or antechamber and they are trained especially for these situations so they will always be able to help you.

23. Will flying in the wind tunnel help me improve my skydiving skills?

The flight, movements and bodypositions in the tunnel are comparable to the freefall part of skydiving. Flying in the tunnel can therefore help you to get through your skydiving AFF course faster, and significantly speed up your skydiving skills learning process.

24. Can I fly with my own suit and helmet?

Yes. All the experienced flyers can use their own equipment. However, it is not possible to fly with any camera.


Equivalent to a plane jump


From 5 to 100 years


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