What is a wind tunnel?
In a wind tunnel a continual air stream is generated with a wind speed up to 280 km/h. Due to the wind speed you can fly entirely free in the flight chamber, navigated only by your own body.


How does a wind tunnel work?
The system is a closed loop, located in the middle is the flight chamber with a diameter of 5,20 m and 15 m high. Six large fans generate a constant airflow which streams into the flight tube from below, on this airflow you can take off and fly.


Does the wind always have the same speed?
The speed depends on the weight and the body position of the flyer, because for light weight flyers as children the required wind speed is lower than for adults. Aside from that, the wind speed is lower for the flying in face-down position and higher for positions as backfly (flying in supine position), sitfly (flying in a seated position) and headdown (flying headfirst). Professional flyers work with wind speeds up to 280 km/h. Therefor the driver with view into the wind tunnel controls the adequate speed permanently.


What do I have to bring along for my flight?
You need sturdy, laced shoes (f.e. sneakers) and comfortable clothing – and especially high spirits 😊!


Do I need any special gear?
You get a coverall, helmet and googles from us, under the coverall you can wear some light and comfortable clothing. The temperature in the tunnel is independent from the outside temperature and pleasingly warm.


Will I be accompanied during the flights?
Yes! An experienced instructor attends you all along and assists you in every situation. He helps you to get into the best flight position and to try the first own flight movements.


How do I get into the air stream?
All flyers get into the wind tunnel through the entrance from the pre-flight room. Your instructor shows you how to lean best into the wind and how to enter the wind chamber safely. There you can gain your first flight experiences with his assistance.


Can the flight be interjected?
At any time! The instructor can give the so-called driver, who controls the wind speed, a sign and the flight can be interjected, or the wind speed can be reduced.


How high can I fly in the wind tunnel?
The flight chamber of Hurricane Factory Berlin is 5,2 m wide and 15 m high. With enough flight experience you can fly up to a height of 12 m. In addition, most of our flights include the so-called „Hurricane Fly Up“, that means you can fly together with the instructor high up in Germany’s largest wind tunnel!


How do I control the flight altitude?
Our instructors show you the basic movements so that you can navigate and are also able to control the flight altitude.


Am I able to breathe normally in the air stream?
Usually, the flyers have no problems to breathe in the stronger air flows. However: If you should have any difficulties, that problem is solved easily with a full-face helmet.


How long takes the flight?
The booked flight time usually is divided into several flight sessions, that means the flyers go into the two or more times!


How long can I fly in the wind tunnel?
Flying is more strenuous as it seems because muscles in the whole body are strained – at the first time 3 to 6 minutes are already an unforgettable experience!


Is it possible to fly with more than one person at once?
Beginners fly on their own with the instructor. An exception is the Hurricane Duo: here two persons can fly in the wind tunnel at the same time (maximal weight difference 20 kg) and they are accompanied by two instructors. Professional flyers fly in groups up to 8 persons.


Do minors (under 18 years) need a permission?
Yes, minors need a written consent form of a legal guardian, for this purpose special forms are available through our reception.


Who is not allowed to fly?
Due to safety concerns the minimum age is 5 years and the maximum weight is 120 kg. In case of any problems concerning shoulders, joints, spine, or intervertebral discs please consult your doctor. With an already dislocated shoulder or an existing pregnancy we advise against participation as well as with dangerous cardiovascular diseases, acute injuries and diseases, implanted cardiac pacemaker and for stroke patients. It is not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs before flying.


What can I take along in the wind tunnel?
For the flights only the flight suit, googles, helmet and laced shoes are allowed in the flight chamber, all items as jewelry, keys, mobiles etc. have to remain outside – for this purpose we have lockers in the changing area. Detached items would circulate in the air stream and could hit the flyers as well as damage or completely destroy the wind tunnel technique.


May I bring my own camera?
Yes, but the camera or mobile may not be brought into the pre-flight chamber or the wind tunnel. As the tunnel is glazed all-around, your companions are able to take photos and videos from outside.


Can I get photos and a video of my flight?
Yes! Your flight will be recorded by an integrated video system and there will also be photos taken during your flight. After the flight you can look at the flight photos at the monitors beside the wind tunnel and buy the desired photos and also your flight video at the reception.


How can I buy flight vouchers?
You can buy vouchers via our web shop, by phone or e-mail or on the spot at the reception.


What is the difference between flying in the wind tunnel and skydiving?
Instead of falling in direction of earth’s surface at a skydive, you lie in the wind tunnel on a constant air stream. In doing so you are accompanied all the time by a professional instructor who attends to the safe course of action and who helps you to accomplish a stable flight position. Aside from that you are not connected to the tandem pilot with a harness as required at a skydive, and with the support of the instructor you are already able to fly on your own!


Am I able to acquire skills for skydiving?
Yes, because the flight in the tunnel is similar to the posture and movements during the free fall phase of the skydive. Therefor the training flights in the wind tunnel do not only improve the flying skills but are also helpful concerning the graduation of the AFF course.