Adults of all ages fly with us – and children already from the age of 5 years. To fly in the wind tunnel, you need neither special skills nor sports badges – only the pleasant anticipation of the flight sensation!

Before your take off there is a detailed flight briefing and you also get equipped, therefore it is necessary for the flyers to arrive 60 min before the booked flight time. The professional flight briefing and the gear for the wind tunnel (coverall, helmet and googles) are included in the flight price.

After the check in at our reception, the flyers go in groups to the flight briefing. During that briefing the flyers come to know the details concerning the sequence of the flights as well as the customary hand signals, and they also get a safety briefing and flight position training.

Then you get equipped for the wind tunnel: coverall, helmet and googles (for the wearer of glasses we have special protection googles). The coverall can be worn above the clothes, please bring your own sturdy laced shoes/sneakers. When the flyers are equipped, the group enters the pre-flight room together.

From here the flyers start their flights one after another and take off in the wind tunnel – always together with the personal instructor. The flight time is separated in flights of 1 min, so usually the flyers have several sessions in the wind tunnel. By simple hand signals and manual corrections, the instructor gives tips to improve the flight attitude, so that you are able to lie steadily in the wind and are able to fly on your own before long.

After the flight you get a certificate for your successful flight, and you can look at the flight photos on our monitors beside the wind tunnel. The flight video and the photos can also be acquired at the reception if desired.

As a finale of the exiting flight adventure, you can toast with your “flight attendants” at the bar, order a snack from our bistro menu or take a seat at the grandstand and watch the flights of Fun Flyers and experienced Pro Flyers in the wind tunnel.

The flight in the wind tunnel is a sportive but safe experience and is possible for nearly anybody with very few exceptions. The minimum age is 5 years and the maximum weight 120 kg, further details you will find under the conditions of participation.