Flying in a wind tunnel is an exciting and sporty experience, and is usually possible for any able bodied person. Nonetheless, please consider the following conditions of participation: 

– The minimum age is 5 years. Children and young people under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult and need the written consent of their legal guardian. 
– In case of issues with shoulders, joints, back or spinal discs, please contact your doctor. 
– We advise against participation in case of:

– a previously disclocated shoulder
– a current pregnancy
– Participation is not possible in case of:
– a body weight over 120 kg
– previous or current cardiac or cardiovascular conditions, cardiac pacemakers, stroke patients
– acute injury or illness

The consumption of alcohol or drugs before flying is strictly forbidden.
The conditions of participation have to be filled out and handed in before the flight.

Please bring comfortable clothing and lace up shoes with light soles. We will provide any other required equipment. We have special goggles for wearers of glasses.