Hurricane Flyers Club in cooperation with HF Praha organizes various sports events throughout the year. In January, we usually start with the Czech Open – national indoor skydiving championship and over the course of the year we continue with various other competitions (FS 2way, 3way scrambles, etc.) but also various camps for beginners and advanced, with shared times, with different coaches, from among our instructors or outside of them .

For up-to-date information, you can join our sports FB group Sport @ HF Prague or check this website every now and then.

FS4 camps for beginners and intermediate flyers

Would you like to fly regularly but don’t have a partner? We will get him for you! Would you like to be part of a team? We will help you with that!

We would like to organize FS4 camps once a month for beginners and intermediate flyers and put together FS4 teams that could possibly compete. In autumn and winter we have some nice events like European Tunnel League or Czech Open, where you could then test your strength against other teams. During the year we also organize small FS2 or FS3 competitions.

Group flying has a great advantage in sharing the flight time, thus also the lower costs of individuals for practicing this sport.


  • 3 750 CZK member of Hurricane Flyers Club (includes 10+ minutes* flight time including coach)
  • 4 000 CZK non-Hurricane Flyers Club member (includes 10+ minutes* flight time including coach)

*Each participant reserves 10 minutes of flight time, but realistically they will fly more, as they will share the time with other flyers.

In case you are not sure that you will be able to fly at the start 10+ minutes, contact us and we will make arrangements.

Would you be interested in our camps? Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us at!


Below you can read about events that have already taken place this year. Do you find any of them interesting? Do you want to know if and when we plan to repeat it? Do not hesitate to ask us. For example, at

St. Nicholas‘ hurriweekend for kids

It is here!

Until now, we only had HurriWeekends for children during the holidays in summer but due to the great interest, we decided to do something for our little ones throughout the year as well.

We have prepared a St. Nicholas’ HurriWeekend for you.



  • Sat 02.12 10:00 – 12:00
  • Sun 03.12. 10:00 – 12:00



The price of 1 111 CZK/person/day includes warm-up, acro yoga, training, dry flying practice, 3 minutes of flight, instructor demonstration, refreshments and gift.


Book your slot at!

Free coaching for HFC members
Half price coaching for non-HFC members

Date: 5.4.2023 | 12.5.2023

Are you into sportflying and do you want to work on your flying skills with our instructors? Take advantage of this offer.

How to do it?

1) Make a sportflight reservation for 5.4.2023.

2) Write to that you are interested in free / half price coaching and how advanced the coaching will be.

3) Enjoy the flying!

Belated Valentine FS2 Cup 2023

Date: 24.3.2023 | Time: 17:00

Can you belly fly and want to have some fun?

After a long break, our 2way competition is here again! We hope to get enough competitors this time!

Grab a significant other or a friend and come compete! The only condition is a stable position on the belly!

More information at!

Send applications to the above email -> we need the names of the members and the name of the team. Applications can be sent no later than March 17, 2023!

Price for HFC members CZK 2,500/team & price for non-HFC members CZK 3,000/team!


Equivalent to a plane jump


From 5 to 100 years


Available after flight


Select location